Playing Lean

Business game, where your team will learn how to use their scarce resources in the best possible way with the ambition to rule the market in 30 business turns. With Playing Lean you wil introduce agile and lean principles to your team in a fun, engaging way, where they will experience the disruption and dynamics of fast-paced startup-like environment.

Results that you can expect:

  • Boost lean mindset among your employees
  • Learn how to develop new, disruptive business ideas and opportunities while saving time, money, resources and stress
  • Boost team collaboration and competition at the same time and grow team spirit
  • simulate product and customer development of your business idea, before you do it in real life.


  • Playing Lean is an efficient game, that will bring you a lot of aha moments in a very short time
  • Learn from your own mistakes (in a game) and apply learnings to your business environment  /teams share their strategies, mistakes, luck and learnings)
  • Game is internationally used by development and management teams in mature organizations and independent startup teams

Participants: 4 teams (2-4 players in each team) per table, up 16 participants in total

Duration: 4 hours

References: Petrol, Atlantic Grupa, Big Bang, Krka, Posta Slovenije, SRC, PODIM, SPS …

“Game Playing lean is incredible. I didn’t understand much at the start, but my understanding has improved with every circle of the game. The game is very useful for business and life in general, since we often experience situations where the purpose of our actions is not clear in the beginning. I warmly recommend Playing Lean to all teams looking for a fun challenge.” Klara Prednik, Institut PIR

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