Innovation Funneling System framework setting

In order to be innovative every organization should have a clear and well established system to successfully funnel innovative ideas internally and externally. Idea boxes or idea online platforms are ineffective unless there is a clear process behind on how innovative ideas are handled throughout.

Applicable in both cases:

  • whether you already have an Innovation Funneling System within your organization but it is not functioning according to expectation and you would like to transform it.
  • Whether you would like to establish one from the scratch.

Type of session:
Consulting session with hands – on work.

innovation funneling

Results that you can expect:

  • Transformed or established Innovation Funneling System framework which will work for your organization.
  • A clear definition on each step of the Innovation Funneling System cycle.
  • Distinguished and well defined process steps for external, internal innovation funneling.
  • Clarifying handling processes for small improvements and disruptive innovation.
  • Re-defining the role of an internal board for innovation.
  • Well defined phases for your organization, such as: creativity boosters, process of ideas collecting, ideation phase, innovation development team formation, design sprint, prototyping, testing, budgeting, innovation accounting.
  • Creating an effective Innovation Portfolio framework.


  • Tailor made shoulder – to – shoulder consulting approach when forming your framework.
  • Your innovation team or innovation officer will acquire insights, recommendations and best practices on future work.
  • Improving the general innovation culture within an organization.

Duration: upon project type, readiness and intensity

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