Employee engagement workshop

Management 3.0 Two-Day Foundation Workshop is a workshop about the future of work and management, designed to inspire leaders, managers and team members, who face the

Engagement is a hot term, that has crucial benefits for employee performance. By openly discussing engagement with your team, you will create a transparent atmosphere in which you will define improvements and suggestions of each team member – what can be improved in order to boost the engagement of each individual.

Results that you can expect:

  • Participants will feel that the company genuinely cares about how they feel in the team.
  • Participants will realize that they are co-responsible for their well-being in the team and will understand the true power of ownership.
  • Participants will understand employee engagement: what does it mean, how does it look like and what are the factors that affect it.
  • Participants will leave with a concrete plan and ideas.What can each individual, their co-workers, their manager and the company as a whole do to boost engagement and well-being in the company.


  • We will use the Gallup Q12 employee engagement questionnaire, the most worldwide used questionnaire on employee engagement.
  • Employees will appreciate transparent real-time sharing of results in front of everyone.
  • The workshop on its own is motivating for teams and shows companies commitment towards making things better.

Participants: up to 20

Duration: 4 hours

enmployee engagement

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