Creativity & collaboration booster

Management 3.0 Two-Day Foundation Workshop is a workshop about the future of work and management, designed to inspire leaders, managers and team members, who face the

Creativity represents one of the core competencies of every agile team. However, most teams lack time to be creative, they lack collaboration, that would allow true innovation and they often doubt their creative abilities.

Results that you can expect:

  • Boosted creative confidence among your team members (I am creative)
  • Team bonding and connection (1 + 1 = 3)
  • Concrete and implementable new, fresh ideas to grow your business
  • Creativity toolbox to use on a daily basis back in your office


  • We believe that creativity requires an inspiring environment / we love changing your regular environment and getting outside of the office
  • We believe that you first need to have fun to get in the mood & that is why we connect creativity workshops with fun activities, such as cooking, brewing beer or hiking
  • We believe that teams perform best when they are properly motivated and that is why we award the best team (one day off as an award works really well in our experience)

Participants: up to 20 participants (parallel groups with several facilitators are possible)

Duration: from 4 to 8 hours

“During the creativity cooking workshop with Ursa, our team collaborated in a very relaxed and fun, yet effective way. The quality of creative ideas and team bonding during the process was much beyond what I expected. We boosted our creative confidence, learned how to work better as a team and most importantly, came up with new products, that impressed our manager (in just 5 hours!). After the workshop, I felt really motivated and driven to take more time to be creative at my work.”  – Nikolina Pavlovic, Intours DMC

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