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People don’t like change – at all. However, organizational change is already here and it’s happening faster than ever before.
In the jungle of 2019, only the most agile companies will survive and all the rest will end up on a graveyard of dinosaur-like companies that were not able to adapt. We eat organizational change and agility for breakfast and so do our international speakers.

Change the mindset, spark innovation & boost team collaboration. Upgrade your Scrum process, Kanban, Design Thinking and implement other effective agile methodologies.

Attend hands-on talks, practical workshops, coaching clinic, open space knowledge sharing and connect to the agile community.

DATUMOctober 17, 2019LOKACIJAHotel Lev, LjubljanaCENA Regular: 235 € + VAT
Early bird: 195 € + VAT
(before Sep 15, 2019)


We are bringing the boldest agile captains to Slovenia and the list is still growing. We want to give our participants as many practical experiences and advice as possible!
Check out the speakers here:

Who is it for

Agile Slovenia 2019 conference is for Entrepreneurs, Managers and Leaders. It is for anybody with a passion about agile. If you want to reconnect with agile community or get new knowledge, attend the conference.




Early bird price: 195,00 EUR + VAT (before Sep 15th, 2019).
Regular price: 235,00 EUR + VAT.

* Upon application for Agile Slovenia 2019 conference you will be redirected to the Agile Slovenia website.

agile slovenia 2019

Captain Agile is loking forward to meeting you!

Ostanite na tekočem

Dvakrat na mesec prejmite sveže pripravljene agilne trende, nasvete in trike za izboljšanje ekip in ostanite na tekočem z našimi odprtimi dogodki.