If you had a magic stick and one option: to create a new 5-star experience in Slovenian tourism, what would that be?

In cooperation with the Slovenian Tourism Organization, CorpoHub organized the first two-day all-Slovenian tourism – STO Hackathon. A group competition in solving business challenges, which took place on October 18 and 19, 2017 in Kranjska Gora, within the Days of Slovenian Tourism 2017.

What were we looking for at the Hackathon?

The challenge was focused on the innovative integration of tourism and culture into 5-star experiences – products with higher added value, including a lifestyle that connects culinary, beliefs, tradition, folklore and other traditions of the destination, creative industries such as fashion, design, film, media, and entertainment, heritage tourism, which relates to the achievements of the past and tourism of art, which in addition to artistic surpluses from different periods of the past, relates to contemporary cultural production, namely to performing and visual arts, contemporary architecture, literature, music, etc.

Who signed up?

Individual or completed groups with 3-5 participants;
tourist organizations, tourist companies, accommodation providers, cultural creators, product associations, innovative young managers, entrepreneurs, and ambitious students. The groups consisted of 4 macro-regions of Slovenia* (Alpine Slovenia, Mediterranean Slovenia, Thermal Pannonian Slovenia, and Ljubljana & Central Slovenia) profiles and experiences of individuals. Education or work in the field of tourism was not a prerequisite for applying.

Prizes for 4 winning groups of STO Hackathon:

  • Professional Coaching for winning team worth € 6,000 for each winning group from a particular macroregion – that their ideas became actual products!
  • All four winning teams had the opportunity to present their achievements in the next Days of Slovenian Tourism, which will take place in October 2018.
  • Educational Playing Lean simulation with CorpoHub for all 4 winning teams – to learn how to start startup business!
  • Cash deposit 4000 EUR
  • 1000 EUR per individual winning team for starting up ideas (after the 1st stage of education)
  • Symbolic prizes for all participants of the STO Hackathon!