State of Agile in Slovenia 2019 shows that most of the companies we reached with this survey already use agile methodology and that the terms agile, agile manifesto and scrum are mostly well known. The most common state of using agile methodologies is that certain departments in organizations use them and others don’t – there are still very few organizations that fully use agile methodologies. At the same time organizations and individuals still lack a clear idea and definition of agile – each individual describes agile in their own words. When introducing agile the main issue is still general resistance to change. The main reason to introduce agile methods is improving the efficiency of the team, while the main positive impact noticed is improved transparency and prioritizing. Most agile teams use Scrum and Kanban in combination with JIRA – the same as we notice in the Global state of Agile report.


Purpose of State of Agile Slovenia 2019


The purpose of the research was to identify and recognize the current state of knowledge of Agile in the Slovene territory, to identify and detect the potential challenges facing companies and to capture concrete proposals for topics for meetup events. Participants presented their own understanding of the importance of agility, examples of good practices and the main problems and the challenges they face.

Comparison with the results in 2018

In comparison with the year 2018 we can say that agile teams have the same reasons and challenges with the implementation of agile technology and they use the same commonly used tools, such as Scrum and Kanban. At the same time, in 2018 almost 30 % of respondents claimed that they do not use agile methodologies at all – while in 2019 there were only 15 % of respondents that do not use agile methodologies, which clearly shows the rise of agile.

About methodologies and participants


In the survey on the prevalence of the use of agile methodologies in organizations in Slovenia, which was carried out with a survey, 130 Slovenian companies participated.

With the annual renewal of the research, we will get more accurate comparative results and a clearer State of Agile in Slovenia.

Special thanks go to all participating individuals and companies involved in the survey.

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