Companies want to become Agile. Some have already started the transformation, and the key factor in deciding for this kind of action is to increase efficiency. With the State of Agile Slovenia survey, we have come to an understanding that the vast majority (70% of respondents) of the  companies started with agile transformation in a completely natural way and use individual elements and approaches.

Purpose of State of Agile Slovenia 2018

The purpose of the research was to identify and recognize the current state of knowledge of Agile in the Slovene territory, to identify and detect the potential challenges facing companies and to capture concrete proposals for topics for meetup events. The interviews lasted for 20 minutes on average, participants presented their own understanding of the importance of agility, examples of good practices and the main problems and the challenges they face.

About methodologies and participants

In the survey on the prevalence of the use of agile methodologies in organizations in Slovenia, which was carried out with a survey and individual interviews, 100 Slovenian companies participated.

In addition to the survey, a partially structured in-depth interview was conducted with 25 companies, which on average lasted 20 minutes. Through in-depth interviews, we detected their own understanding of the importance of Agile, good practices examples, their main problems and the challenges they face.

With the annual renewal of the research, we will get more accurate comparative results and a clearer State of Agile in Slovenia.

Special thanks go to all participating individuals and companies involved in the survey.