All successful companies are successful because they have a good system in the production of products or services, in sales, in human resources, in financing and in the rest. Systems bring more value. What about a lean innovation system?
We are sharing a series of 8 short blog posts. The individual components form a whole concept of a lean innovation system.



Different space. New tools. IT support. 

Creation of new business models is a dynamic, uncertain and demanding process that is best understood and manageable when it is visualized in a space, dedicated to innovation. We can imagine this space as a war zone, where generals craft key moves for the final victory. Each move is just like the innovation sprint that is based on the results of previous actions. Visualizing business models, plans of experiments, the feedback we receive from our customers is bringing our team closer together, creates focus and speeds up the process of teamwork. That is why it is really important that the team holds meetings with the management and other stakeholders in this same space – let’s call it innovation room – and not some other regular meetings room.

space and tools

The second part of the support for our innovation team is the use of efficient tools and equipment, that represents the support to our development/lab/work equipment, such as:

  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for more challenging strategic and organizational challenges
  • Design thinking for better understanding, crafting, prototyping and testing of new business opportunities
  • Design sprint for the more challenging market breakthroughs 
  • Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas as basic tools to map new business opportunities

Innovation teams also need appropriate IT solutions to communicate and manage the process of innovation. Keep in mind that they should not be more important than the content itself!

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”  ― Plato

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