Creativity is an art and a special trait for human beings. It is also a muscle that we can train, and by taking time for exploring and coming up with new ideas, we can also boost our business, team performance, and creative confidence. We love being a part of a creative team – how about you?

We have all experienced bad examples of group work, where team members competed against each other, did not want to collaborate, sabotaged ideas, or nobody cared at all. However, if we have a good idea that we give to a mediocre team, they can screw it up. We all know that. And if we provide a mediocre idea to a great team, they will be able to fix it or come up with something better. So as you can see – it is not as much about the ability to be creative. The secret is in the team.

Amy Climer, in her TEDx talk The power of deliberate creative teams stated four main conditions to grow and support creative teams:

  1. Strong sense of team purpose – all of the team members care about the purpose and know why it matters.
  2. Strong understanding of team dynamics – how we interact with each other and what kind of relationships we have. For example, good communication and psychological safety.
  3. Team creative process – how are we working together and our approach when we brainstorm/develop new ideas.
  4. Wish and intention to be creative – if a team does not want to be creative, it will never happen. Members need to be deliberate with their creativity.

Schedule time for creativity

In our experience, it is truly valuable to schedule time for creativity – without intention, not much will happen. With events like hackathons or LEGO® Serious Play® workshops, we work on team dynamics, fresh ideas to grow your business and plan the creative process.

Creativity booster - hackathon

Other traits of creative teams

  • Restless, always ready to solve new problems which they treat as challenges, they have little tolerance for boredom.
  • Bold risk takers that don’t like living and thinking in the same way as everyone else.
  • Curious – avid readers, addicted to learning new things, sharing articles, and observing the world around them.
  • Multi-functional, they often combine knowledge from different fields, enabling them to come up with fresh ideas.
  • Always asking questions – they consistently want to know more and explore topics deeper and in different ways.
  • Exhibiting playfulness and ask themselves – I wonder what would happen if…” or “What if we change…”
  • High with their energy, they are full of life and willing to explore unusual paths.
  • Often in their fantasy world, making up stories and daydream about making the impossible possible.

Do you know the filing of being a part of a creative and innovative team? We would love to hear your story or help you with a creativity challenge. You can reach us at