All successful companies are successful because they have a good system in the production of products or services, in sales, in human resources, in financing and in the rest. Systems bring more value. What about a lean innovation system?
We are sharing a series of 8 short blog posts. The individual components form a whole concept of a lean innovation system.



Innovation culture is a result / consequences of concrete activities. The base for building innovation culture is trust in people. Belief that they are able to innovate, their empowerment and our ability to motivate them. When we manage to combine all of this, we create a “machine” for innovations. Culture is not something that you can prescribe, it can only be built.

After a few years of work, we can achieve:

  • Seamless collaboration among several internal teams and external stakeholders.
  • Wholesome implementation of lean innovation culture and expanded cooperation.
  • Flexible and automated onboarding of new employees.
  • Fully empowered innovations (no need for formal innovations accelerator).
  • Abolish a team for innovation (since the culture of exploration and collaboration is present everywhere).
innovation culture

As Gary Hamel asks – are you serious about innovation? If you are, you should answer with YES on the following three questions:

  • Are your employees competent to innovate?
  • Can your employees take time and get resources for first experiments?
  • Do your employees feel accountable for innovation – is that a part of your organization’s culture / KPI-s / DNA?

“The only way you survive is you continuously transform into something else. It’s this idea of continuous transformation that makes you an innovation company.”  ― Ginni Rometty

innovation culture