When thinking out of the box and finding new challenges had an unforgettable experience?

The Event was a two-day competition in solving business cases and teams had to prove to the Gorenje Group international jury of experts that they were the best and they were willing to win cash prizes and Gorenje appliances totally worth more than 17.000 EUR and had a chance to be amongst Gorenje future talents or even employees!

What was it about?

Gorenje Group International Business Hackathon was an innovative competition of individuals, assorted into international groups of 4-5 participants, in solving business cases. The topic of the Business Hackathon was to find new Digital Service solutions for Gorenje Group.
They were also scouting for talent (but necessarily aged 21 years +), entrepreneurs, young managers and business individuals from the whole SEE and WE region.


Who applied?

We invited all ambitious, career-oriented and creative young individuals; designers, young managers, entrepreneurs, young CEOs to apply. The participants were representatives of any kind of industry or department.


About the challenge

Gorenje Group is aware of the future and the fact that the future success will be about user experience and the connectivity behind the appliances they sell. The focus of the appliance selling process and the competitive advantage becomes the service behind the product.

So, as a case, what was meant by Digital service solutions?
Simple: imagine a modern home in 2025.
There are appliances of Gorenje Group and they are smartly interconnected (between themselves and externally via some app, cloud, etc.) to make the life of the owners simplified, more pleasant.

The areas they were seeking digital solutions in:

  • Information Services
    (Corporate and brand information/Product information)
  • Buying Support Services
    (E-shops: for appliances and services, e.g. extended warranty/Shop locators/Buying wizards/Buying bot)
  • Registration Services
    (Customer registration and appliance registration for personalized customer experience)
  • Usage Support Services
    (Interactive user manuals/Instructions for energy efficient usage of appliances/Support pay-per-use services)
  • Living Assistance Services
    (Wizards: How to store food to keep it fresh, How to wash clothes…/ Recipes and menus optimized for Gorenje appliances/ Buying assistant/ Cooking assistant)
  • Remote Management Services
    (Remote appliance control and monitoring/ Smart energy monitor/Remote diagnostic with support/Remote software upgrade)
  • Maintenance Services
    (Help desks /Interactive maintenance manuals/ FAQ and tips & tricks/ Troubleshooting wizard)
  • Data Services
    (Consumer data and appliance data analytics)


Best performing groups received awesome prizes, prize budget of more than 17.000 EUR!

  • 1st placed group received: 5000 EUR cash prize and 1500 EUR vouchers for Gorenje appliances
  • 2nd placed group received: 3000 EUR cash prize and 1000 EUR vouchers for Gorenje appliances
  • 3rd placed group received: 2000 EUR cash prize and 500 EUR vouchers for Gorenje appliances
  • 4th placed group received: 500 EUR vouchers for Gorenje appliances

The most creative/proactive groups received additional rewards in form of Gorenje appliances and every contestant received Gorenje Group gift bags worth 40 EUR.

There was a chance for a career in Gorenje Group!
Best individuals – top performers:

Gorenje Group was actively scouting for talent, best individuals had a chance to be amongst Gorenje Group’s future talents – employees!
Participants had a chance to take part in the program within Corporate University of Gorenje considering their profile and business background and some of them were offered a cooperation or job proposal.

The coolest location: Hackanopolis

Gorenje Group Hackathon had a special location setting: Hackanopolis!
Tehnološki park Ljubljana was transformed into a Hackathon city for the weekend; participants were working in different surroundings and floors and gathering in Main Hall, Atrium, Food junction, Gorenje augmented reality pop-up studio and Gorenje pop-up kitchen! They also explored the Designers lodge and peek into Gorenje fridges for some tasty bites.