I was involved in a coaching process a while ago, where I had to come up with fresh ideas on how to solve my problem. When we are stressed or too deeply involved in a situation it is often hard to see a situation with a fresh perspective. And that is why one of the coaching tools forces you to step in the shoes of different people. Try it out – this creativity technique is truly effective for bringing out new creative ideas.

First, you write down your challenge: _____________________________________________________

Second, you think about how would you solve it? 

  • _____________________________________
  • _____________________________________
  • _____________________________________

Third, you think about what would you do, if you were:

  • Your mother
  • Your boss
  • Your partner
  • Your weird primary school friend
  • Superman
  • Harry Potter
  • Billionaire
  • Homeless person
  • A priest
  • Your dog
  • A pink giraffe
  • 20 years older version of you
  • 10 years younger version of you
  • You after eating 10 bars of snickers
  • You after 3 weeks of holidays
  • You after a huge lack of sleep
  • A baby
  • A laptop
Creativity Technique
creativity technique

This can help you to come up with different ideas – sometimes with the space that is too wide and not limited at all, we come up with the most cliche ideas. When we limit ourselves, we create a guideline. And maybe all our solutions have to be sth green, only objects from our table, things that start with A …

Few more things to know:

  • Come up with at least 20 solutions
  • Work on the challenge in a pair, someone guiding you as a coach, asking questions and pushing you to step in new situations
  • Have the coach writing down ideas, so that you won’t forget all of them later

Upgrade your knowledge of creative techniques

In our experience, it is truly valuable to schedule time for creativity – without intention, not much will happen. With creativity & collaboration booster workshop, we work on team dynamics, try out several creative techniques, come up with fresh ideas to grow your business, and plan the creative process.

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