2019 was an amazing year for the CorpoHub team. We have delivered +350 workshops, countless hours of consulting and coaching, organized 2 conferences (Lean Innovation Week & Agile Slovenia), published 2 research papers – State of Agile in Slovenia 2019 and State of Lean Innovation in Slovenia 2019, held workshops in 7 different countries, grew our team, expanded our library for +60 new books, developed 6 new products… so indeed, 2019 was a good year and we are already looking forward to 2020.

Q: How would you describe the year 2019 for CorpoHub with three words?

Daniela: Agile, Speed, Learning.

Lojze: Ambition Impact. Learning.

Matej: Exciting, Growth, Learning.

Q: Looking at the market of lean innovation and agile transformation – what has changed in the last year?

Daniela: A rapid growth of “agile”. Slovenian companies definitely entered the stage of agile awareness and what I can forecast for 2020 is that an agile spring is on the horizon. Many companies will undergo some stage of agile adoption.

Lojze: Significantly more companies have embarked on the path of at least partial lean innovation and agile transformation, and experience has begun to support one another.

Matej: Agile is huge and growing, new industries and companies are going all in. All in all: very exciting, good times are ahead.

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Q: Which project/event was the biggest challenge for you in 2019 and why?

Daniela: I see all projects as a big excitement as they had a really nice impact on people that were involved. I could not say that neither one could be labeled as a challenge – sounds more like fun doing them.

Lojze: Among all the small projects I will remember 2019 for three major projects that engaged many performers and participants: Lean Innovation Week 2019, KorpoStart and Certified CINO program.

Matej: Danfoss Agile Leadership set of workshops, primarily because we were exposed to different, foreign markets, bringing with it a new set of unknown expectations. We are equipped to deal with these kinds of situations very well, but nevertheless, there is additional pressure. It all went very well. 🙂

Q: What are you proud of (something that happened / something that you did in 2019)?

Daniela: Most rewarding is to see the sparkle in people’s eyes and a warm thank you from many clients after the workshops / projects have been completed. Nothing can beat that!

Lojze: I am proud of the development and growth in all aspects of the CorpoHub team and all client teams.

Matej: Sailing through occasional turmoil, all the while respecting diversity. All this was very well supported by disciplined mindfulness practice. Effective and happy is the result.

Q: CorpoHub team is reading a lot. What is one book that you read in 2019 and you’d really recommend?

Daniela: The Fearless Organization (Amy Edmondson)

Lojze: The Mind of the Leader (Jacqueline Carter and Rasmus Hougaard)

Matej: Everyone Culture (Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey)

Q: What are you looking forward to in 2020?

Daniela: I look forward to the agile spring of Slovenian companies. I am truly glad that so many companies embedded agile in their 2020 strategies and that they see agile as a big step towards a better organizational and innovation culture. Having the employees and their well-being in terms of happiness at work as an important goal will result in better products/services and happier customers. In terms of CorpoHub, I am looking forward to welcoming new team members, continuous learning and growth and all new business opportunities.

Lojze: In 2020 I expect a new quantum leap in the development of the team and every CorpoHub member, including those who will join us. This is the biggest guarantee that we will give every day more, bringing more value to all customers and Slovenia in general.

Matej: More VUCA, more mindfulness, more concise and short answers to interviews of this kind. 🙂

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