The year 2021 is certainly a year worth reflecting on. That is why we put together some numbers that illustrate the happening under our roof.

CorpoHub 2021 Highlights

We have met and collaborated with more than 10000 people during this past year.

We sincerely hope we ignited their/yours curiosity for agile ways of working and helped them/you to go to work on Monday excited.

We’ve executed more than 300 workshops in different formats about Agile Leadership and Innovation Management.

CorpoHub vision

We organized two major
online conferences: Agile Slovenia and Lean Slovenia, and both were a huge success. The events gathered 500+ people with speakers from around the globe. Names like Johanna Rotham, Jeff Gothelf, and Marcin Floryan, to name a few, shared their stories and inspired the participants about the positive impacts of business agility and innovation.

CorpoHub 2021 Highlights - Agile Slovenia
CorpoHub Highlights 2021

The success of Agile Slovenia inspired our team too. We have
developed a new program called after the main Agile Slovenia character: Captain Agile. The spots for the course filled up with the speed of light, and we can’t wait to meet all of the participants at the beginning of the new year.

We have helped to
organize and execute 20+ big online conferences, meaning we also technically prepared all of the speakers for, what we counted, around 5000 listeners from 45 different countries.

CorpoHub loves a learning opportunity – this year, our team completed 6 certification programs and added them to our collection. Kudos to all!

CorpoHub Highlights 2021 - certifications

And last but not least – we got a new team member! Welcome, Vlado, and cheers to a successful upcoming year!

The year 2021 is certainly a year to remember.
Not only did we change our ways of working, but we’ve also been rethinking why we work. Though the pandemic and its consequences have been difficult for many, we are extremely grateful for the position we’re in, the opportunities that have risen along with the changes, and the trust of the people we’ve worked with.

Thank you!